About Me and raodoctor.com

About me and raodoctor.com

Who am I ?

I am  Dr. K.P.V.Rao, a practicing physician in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In my 35 years of medical practice, I have come across a variety of cases that have sometimes been challenging, sometimes intriguing.

What is raodoctor.com about?

Learning from these cases, I have taken up this initiative to write health-related blogs-and my website, www.raodoctor.com was created.

On this site, I write articles in a simple way so that you all can understand a particular illness or disease in a better way and be aware of its consequences.

You will also get an idea to either prevent it or get treated in a proper way by consulting your family healthcare provider/physician.

What is my goal?

I love sharing knowledge and I love to read and write. So after all these years of my medical practice, I decided that I could help people with their medical problems.

Every month I  will try to come out with articles on some or the other common health issu. If someone is suffering from that particular illness, he will benefit immensely by understanding it and taking steps to prevent further complications. For others, it will be a source of knowledge that can be used to help others in their family or their friends.

I sincerely hope that the articles I publish on raodoctor.com  will help you to lead a healthy, fruitful life!