Yesterday we discussed Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR and how it influences the weight either gain or loss.As we age,the BMR decreases by 2% for every 10 years after the age of 20.This results in weight gain for most of the people,because we tend to do less exercise and eat the same amount [or more] that we do at the age of 20.Exercising results in more lean muscle mass thereby increasing our BMR.Loss of lean muscle mass and sedentary life  style results in accumulation of unnecessary fats around our trunk which leads to increase in visceral body fat thereby compressing our vital organs[heart,kidney,liver etc.] leading to illnesses like hypertension[high B.P.],fatty liver disease[leading to increase in serum cholesterol in the long run] and kidney failure.

Drastic dieting leads to weight loss temporarily due to drastic cutting of calories which sends your body into starvation mode .The body metabolism[energy production] slows down and runs cooler in order to maintain calories because it believes there is shortage of food supply,thereby leading to accumulation of calories in the form of excess body fats.So a proper calorie burning  plan of exercise with a proper diet plan is the key to maintaining your BMR and body weight to the optimum.

Building a lean muscle mass with weight training 3 to 5 days a week helps increasing your metabolism and in shedding the excess fat surrounding your middle thereby giving you not only the look you desire but also improvement in your health by controlling high BP,diabetes,arthritis etc.

We at Raghavendra Clinic are in the process of developing a  solution to these obesity related problems by offering a comprehensive weight management program which will be announced shortly. Those in need of weight management may register for this service by contacting me on the phone no. or my email mentioned on my site.


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