Dear Friends,

So far I have covered almost all topics related to obesity and overweight problems like BMI,WHR,BMR etc.

Now,once you have been categorized as either obese or overweight or for that matter  of ideal body weight,we can now go about how to treat or maintain it. If you are obese or overweight,we have to carry out some investigations like serum cholesterol level,kidney function test,thyroid function test,blood sugar etc. so that we can treat these conditions simultaneously to get the best results. If there is abnormality in reports of these tests,we will have to repeat it again while on therapy in either 3 or 6 months time so that we can judge if you are responding well to the therapy or not.

The things which we do schematically at Raghavendra Clinic  is as follows:-

A]Check body weight and compare it with ideal body weight for your height and age.We then calculate your BMI,WHR and BMR.

B]Check your total body fat composition and calculate your visceral fat quantity.

C]If the visceral fat to total body fat ratio is high,we carry out the test mentioned above.

D] Learn about your eating[diet] habits so that we can calculate how much calories you are consuming unknowingly which is adding to your weight day-by-day.

E]Learn about what and how much exercise you are doing to know whether you are burning sufficient calories or not.

Once the above exercise is carried out,we proceed to calculate how much you have to eat and how much energy you have to spend to get the desired weight loss without feeling weak or drained out. As we proceed day-by-day,you will start feeling the change and feel more  and more energetic than before.

We at Raghavendra Clinic will be offering the services for proper weight management as well as taking care of other co-related conditions like high B.P.,diabetes,thyroid problems etc.