Dear Friends,

We now come to the conclusion of the series of blogs on Obesity.I hope you have understood and liked the blog.

To summaries:- Obesity depends upon:-

A]BMI or body mass index—

1]below 18—underweight

2]18 to 25—-normal weight

3]25 to 30—overweight

4]above 30—obese.

B] WHR or waist to hip ratio

1] male –should be below 0.95

2]female—should be below 0.85

C] BMR or basal metabolic rate—this varies with skeletal ¬†¬†muscle mass and body fat composition of each individual which can be calculated to help in reducing body weight if overweight/obese.

D] Total body fat/visceral fat mass–which can be measured by bio-impedance machine and can be used in helping reduce visceral fat which causes diseases like hypertension,diabetes,arthritis etc.

Our next series of blogs will be on hypertension or high B.P. followed by diabetes,thyroid disease and arthritis.


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