Common Monsoon Diseases- Part 3


Dear friends,

In my last blog, I had discussed the signs and symptoms of dengue fever. In case you are having a high fever with severe body ache, redness and watering of eyes kindly visit your family physician and rule out dengue/chikungunya[my present topic]. Preliminary treatment is giving paracetamol and painkillers along with plenty of fluid consumption. Consult your doctor for further treatment.

Today, I will be discussing the signs and symptoms of another mosquito-borne viral disease–Chikungunya. The pictures shown below will help you identify whether you have dengue or chikungunya.

The picture above shows Aedes Aegyptus mosquito feeding during day time. They may be infected with the Chikv virus which is similar to dengue virus and can be transmitted to humans through bites. The picture given below shows common S/S of Chikungunya.



Chikungunya and Dengue are caused by a similar group of viruses called flavivirus and are transmitted by the same vector—Ades Aegyptus mosquito. The S/Ss are almost similar except for the fact that Dengue fever is life-threatening. To understand both diseases in a better way, a comparison table between the two and a picture is given below:-

As with dengue, there is no specific treatment for chikungunya, but it can be prevented by using these specific measures as sponsored by Health Dept., Govt. of India:-

The laboratory investigations are as for Dengue fever, with the exception of CHIKV IgM test called MAC-Elisa test which is done if the fever persists for more than 5 days.

In case you are suspecting that you are suffering from Chikungunya or Dengue, you should contact your Family Physician for further treatment. Having a good diet and plenty of fluids are key to successful recovery from the disease. Hospitalization is necessary if you are having dehydration due to fever.

Friends, today I have pictorially shown you in short all about chikungunya. I hope you will now understand how to detect whether you are suffering from either dengue or chikungunya and how to manage it at home after visiting your family physician.

In my next post, I will discuss another important and serious type of monsoon disease which is very common these days–Leptospirosis– and ways to prevent it.