Waist To Hip Ratio[WHR]

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Dear friends,

We continue from where we left yesterday about Obesity and methods to determine where you stand. After understanding about BMI,we move on to the WAIST TO HIP RATIO.


The picture above shows how one should appear to rule out being overweight/obese.

Coming to the measurements,the picture below should show how to:-

waist 2

The picture above shows that the waist measurement just below the last rib and the hip measurement is at the highest point around the buttocks. Ideally, the waist to hip ratio should be as follows:-

Males :- below 0.9

Females:- below 0.85

WHR determines the body shape and our ultimate looks.How is this helpful to improve our heath? The pictures below will explain how:-

waist 3

waist 4

The picture below shows how a apple shaped body and pear shaped body will appear

waist 5

We will consider the good and bad effects of both these body shapes in my next post.