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Types Of Prostate Cancer

Types of Prostate Cancer-


Depending on the type of cells involved in the prostate, here is a list of different varieties of Prostate cancer-


Roughly 95 t0 99 percent of all prostate cancers fall into this category. Prostate-specific antigen levels are very high in this category.


Comprise less than 0.1% of all prostatic cancers. Two varieties of this type of prostate cancer-Leiosarcomas and Rhabdomyosarcomas- can affect younger men aged 35-60 years. PSA levels are normal, so hard to detect.

3.Small cell carcinoma-

This type comprises less than 1% of the total number of prostate cancers. The PSA values are normal in this case.

4. Transitional Cell Carcinoma type of Prostate cancer-

Presents with blood in urine with the invasion of local areas like bladder, urethra, etc.

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