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In my last post,I had spoken on as to how one can start their walking routine. Today,I am going to show you how to reduce fats in your body by following a proper diet routine along with walking. By fats I mean that which is:-

a] Circulating in your blood as cholesterol [a bit about good and bad cholesterol is discussed below];

b] Fats that have accumulated around different parts of your body such as the neck,chest,abdomen,torso etc.

First, a few things that you should know about your cholesterol:-

   Total cholesterol–This is the fats absorbed in the form of fatty acids from the gut after digestion by the enzymes in our intestine like the lipase. The level of cholesterol in our blood determines the level of atherosclerosis, that is, the coating of fats in the layers of our arteries. In the arteries other than that of the heart,this causes hardening of the arteries as we age thereby leading to increase in blood pressure{also called Essential Hypertension}. In the heart arteries{ also called Coronary arteries},high levels of cholesterol lead to build up of fats in the layers of the arteries,called plaques,which eventually breaks and spills into the artery causing blockage and leading to narrowing of the artery thereby causing chest pain[called angina] and consequently acute myocardial infarction– in other words,a heart attack. The picture below shows the stages in the formation of atherosclerosis and its effect on coronary arteries:-

Now that you have seen the effect high cholesterol in the blood,let me tell you about the ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad’ cholesterols. As discussed in my earlier post, total cholesterol consists of:-

a]High density lipoproteins{HDL} cholesterol:-This the ‘Good’ cholesterol. It helps in prevention of and/or reduction of size of plaques[blocks] in the coronary arteries. The normal value ranges from 40 to 60 mg/ dl in the blood. So, it should not go below 40 mg/dl,to have a good protection from build up of plaques. Very high level[above 75 mg/dl] is also not good. More about increasing HDL[if it is low] in my next post.

b] Low density lipoproteins{LDL}cholesterol:-This is the ‘Bad’ cholesterol-the one which causes atherosclerosis,that is build up in the inner walls of the artery[as shown above] of cholesterol pools called as plaques leading to blockage of blood flow in the heart arteries ultimately causing heart attack. The normal value of LDL should be around 100 mg/dl. When we were born,this level was barely 40 mg/dl and gradually increased to what it is today because of the fats we have consumed in the form of oils,butter,ghee[clarified butter],fats from meat etc. As the level goes beyond 50 mg/dl, they start getting deposited in the arteries by a process called oxidation and the formation of plaque occurs. Can we stop/reverse this build up of fatty streaks in our arteries? Yes, we can. I will discuss how to, in my next post.  

c] Very low density lipoproteins{VLDL}cholesterol:- This type is also called the’Ugly’ cholesterol and consists of mostly of triglycerides[TGL]–it is a combination of  cholesterol and glycerol–and it is produced in the liver as well as from the food we eat. It is a form of fat that is stored in different parts of body,mostly in the liver and abdominal organs[visceral fats] as well around heart,kidneys and brain. Increase in triglyceride levels leads to denser form of LDL which in turn helps in formation and growth of plaques in the arteries.The normal value of TGL in the blood should not exceed 130 mg/dl. VLDL cholesterol is calculated as 20% of  TGL level when TGL level is below 400 mg/dl,that is it should be around 30 mg/dl. Diet having high glycemic load like maida[refined flour],sweets with high sugar content etc., raise triglyceride levels. More about controlling/maintaining TGL in my next post.

Having said this, I can safely say that walking can :-

1] Reduce LDL;

2 Increase HDL;

3] Reduce TGL;

by burning fats in form of calories.

In my next post, I will show you how to increase HDL/reduce LDL & TGL by proper exercise and a prudent diet. If you have any doubts or queries regarding today’s post please feel free to contact me.



  1. Mithun Chakraborty

    Thank you sirji,
    For the detailed information about cholesterol…..

    • admin

      Hi Mithun,
      Thank you for your kind comments.You can read my latest blog on Cholesterol management.

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