Dear friends,

It has been quite sometime since I published my last blog and I had mentioned last time that we will be discussing how do we measure the TOTAL BODY FATS.

What is total body fats? Well. it is the amount of fats in the body which makes you look beautiful,ugly,ideal,overweight or obese. Fats give shape and contour to our body. Any amount of fat in excess of the ideal body weight is liable to cause morbidity i.e. illnesses like hypertension,diabetes, osteoarthritis etc.Now look at the picture given below:-

You will notice that our body contains 2 types of fats viz. 1]Subcutaneous[that immediately below the skin]                      2]Visceral or the fat surrounds the organs in our body which is the one which we are more concerned about.

Total body fats is calculated as percentage of total body weight.Ideally,normal healthy men have a body fat percentage of 15-20%, while healthy women have a percentage of approx. 25-30%. Is there a method to calculate the total body fat? Yes there is.You can get by using your BMI,WHR,or by using some gadgets like calipers and machines which is usually found in weight management clinics. We will shortly be coming up with these gadgets at Raghavendra Clinic in Vashi.

In my next blog, we will learn the effects of our body fat percentage on our health and how we can improve on it.