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5 Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism-how to diagnose and manage it


Image source-FreePik Would you like to listen to this article first? Then click the audio button below- What is hyperthyroidism? What are the symptoms and side effects of hyperthyroidism? If you have been diagnosed with this condition, what can you do to manage it effectively? Is there a way to prevent or recover from hyperthyroidism […]

Hypothyroidism- Signs, Symptoms, Complications-Learn How to Treat it

Hypothyroidism feature pictutre

Image Source: FreePiK Sheela Nayak came to my clinic with complaints of extreme tiredness, breathlessness, swelling of legs and feet, dryness and itching of skin and extreme hair loss. What was this due to? I then advised her to do a few blood tests. One of them was Thyroid profile [T3, T4, TSH]. These were […]

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