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Gliptins- new drugs to help you control your blood sugar and live a better life

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Gliptins- what are they and how do they help in diabetes Listen to this article while you scroll down- The history of diabetes treatment dates back to the 2nd century, when it was discovered by a Greek scientist- Aristaeus of Cappadocia. Since then, the treatment has evolved manifolds, with discovery of insulin in 1923 by […]


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Oral Anti-diabetic drugs[OADs] What are Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs? Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs[OADs] are those medicines that are given mostly to Type 2 Diabetic patients. After discussing the importance of Insulin injection in my last post, we now come to the treatment of diabetes mellitus with Oral Anti-diabetic drugs[OADs]. A large number of oral antidiabetic drugs are […]

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