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22 Exercises and Related calorie loss per Body Weight

In one of my past articles, I had written how exercise, particularly walking, brings about calorie loss and how it helps one to lose weight as well. You can refer to this article below for more details on measuring your body parameter requirements before you jump on to the exercises below-

22 Different Activities with Exercise benefits

In this article, I have attempted to describe the benefits of exercise by showing some illustrations in a tabular form. You can calculate the calories lost by you by comparing the bodyweight category that you belong to. This will help you with the total amount of calories you have lost and the likely loss of weight by reading the above-given article.

Exercise while working[ Sedentary form]

This illustration shows exercise that goes with sedentary activity. Most of us have some or another form of sedentary activity. Are you really doing some exercise while being sedentary? Have look below to see whether you are having some form of exercise or not.

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Picture showing Sedentary type of exercise

Exercise and nutrition are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle throughout one’s life, and  as we age, our requirements are ever changing. A growing body of research illustrates how regular exercise is especially important for seniors, and how more seniors are opting for an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary one. [Source-Seniorlifestyle.com]

Exercises showing calory loss per weight in kg
Exercise and weight loss chart. Designed by the author on Canva
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22 Exercises and Related calorie loss per Body Weight 5