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How to Manage Your Cholesterol Levels and have a Healthy Heart

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Introduction Having discussed the ‘Good’ ,’Bad’, and ‘Ugly’ cholesterol in my last article, today we will learn the ways for cholesterol level management for a hale and hearty life. An increase in cholesterol levels, especially the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ ones, above normal level induces deposition of fats in the arteries of our circulatory system by […]


In one of my past articles, I had written how exercise, particularly walking, brings about calorie loss and how it helps one to lose weight as well. You can refer to this article below for more details on measuring your body parameter requirements before you jump on to the exercises below- 22 Different Activities […]

Prudent Diet- 2- Four Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight and Reduce Cholesterol

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PRUDENT DIET-2 4 TASTY RECIPES TO LOSE WEIGHT AND REDUCE CHOLESTEROL Eating is all about maintaining one’s well-being. And maintaining well-being is by eating a prudent diet that helps you in-  weight management maintaining optimum cholesterol levels controlling blood sugar levels if you are a diabetic. In today’s world, a lot of junk food is […]

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