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Dr.K.P.V.Rao is a General Medical Practitioner. He graduated as an MBBS from Dr. Vaishampayan Memorial Medical College, Solapur, Kolhapur University, India in May 1983. He was a resident doctor in Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery at B Y L Nair Hospital, Mumbai in 1983-84. At present, he is practicing medicine at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India. He has 36 years of experience in General Medical Practice and writes medical blogs.

Cancer Basics: 10 Signs of Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore to live a better life

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Cancer Basics: 10 Signs of Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore to live a better life Listen to this article- What is Cancer? Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. It is a disease that starts when cells in your body begin to grow uncontrollably. These cells can then spread to other parts […]

How to Improve Memory and Increase Focus: 10 Natural Tips for a Sharper Mind

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Listen to this article- Why am I writing about Memory? Memory is a very important part of our existence. Without memory, you will be at loss of words, may not be able to remember or recall what you did yesterday or today, what you ate, who you spoke to, what you spoke or many more […]

How to Manage Overactive Bladder Syndrome and Live a Better Quality of Life

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In my last article on Kidney Stones, I made a closing remark that my next article will be on Overactive Bladder. So, here we are now, let’s learn about this annoying condition. You can also listen to this article here- Listen to “Overactive Bladder” on Spreaker. There are many things in life that are unpredictable. […]

A Guide to Urinary Tract Infections: What They Are, How to Diagnose and Treat Them

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Urinary Tract Infections ‍ Image Source: Freepik Designed on Canva Pro Listen to this article Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common and can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. One in ten people will experience a UTI at some point in their lifetime. Urinary tract infections are a type of bacterial infection that […]

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