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Diabetes- 4 Important Investigations to Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

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4 Important Investigations To Show You If You Are Going In For Diabetes Introduction to Investigations in Diabetes Hello Friends, Investigations in Diabetes form an important part in the control of the disease. There are 4 specific investigations to help you understand diabetes mellitus better. We will discuss each one of them in the paragraphs […]

Diabetes Mellitus-Causes and Types for You to Know

ββ Causes and Types of Diabetes Introduction- Knowing the types and causes of diabetes can help in better control of its effect on all parts/ organs of our body. In my last post, I discussed how Diabetes Mellitus{DM} derived its name and the difference between Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus. Today we will try to […]

Diabetes Mellitus- How to go about it if you have it

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What is Diabetes Mellitus? Introduction About 3000 years ago, ancient Egyptians discovered that some people had excessive thirst, hunger and urination. Probably it was at that time Diabetes was unofficially discovered. Even in ancient Indian scriptures, mention has been made of urine of some people attracted ants. The physicians that time thought that the urine […]

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