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Dear friends,

In my last post, I discussed about total body fats ,its 3 types,and body fat percentage which determines whether we are normal, overweight or obese.

As said earlier, in men body fat percentage above 20 and in women above 30 is not good as they open a plethora of unwanted illnesses like hypertension[raised BP],type 2 diabetes,hypercholestraemia,chronic kidney disease[kidney failure] ,osteoarthritis etc. The picture below shows the 2 types of body fats—

Image showing body fat distribution

That just below the skin,usually considered as baby fat or the subcutaneous fat or the superficial is one that gives beauty to our body.

We are more concerned about the fats surrounding our organs or the fats that are situated deep in the body —the visceral fats.

Excess of this type of fat is what makes us shapeless and ugly to look at. Moreover,it is responsible for all the illnesses mentioned above, because this type of fat acts as a individual organ itself and secretes hormones like adipokines which interfere with the normal functioning of hormone like insulin,Adrenalin etc .

A look at he picture below will explain how this fats look— On your left side is the picture of how a  healthy heart looks and on the right is that of a heart surrounded by excess fats.

Visceral fats- a type of body fat-surrounding heart

Same is the condition when the excess fats in our abdomen surrounds the important organs like pancreas,liver and kidneys.The proper functioning of these organs are disturbed.

Another picture below shows the bad effects of visceral fats—

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Visceral fat is more harmful than other types of body fat. It increases the risk of various health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. It can also affect organ function and lead to insulin resistance.

Today I have shown you what is visceral fat and how it can affect our health.In my next blog,I will discuss how to measure body fat and how to tackle the menace of increasing visceral fats.

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