How to measure Body Fat

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Dear Friends,

Last time I wrote on obesity was on 26th February 2018,I had discussed what are the different types of fat and how they affect our health. As you already know there are 2 main types of fat–the subcutaneous[that below the skin] and visceral[that surrounding our organs]. Can we measure them separately? Yes we can.For us, the important part is the VISCERAL fat,which is the root cause of many medical problems and the one we want to reduce at the earliest.There are many ways to do so—one of which is waist-to-hip ratio which we have already discussed.

Another simple way to measure visceral fat is to take the circumference of your tummy at the highest point while standing and again while lying down—the difference is the measure of your visceral fat.

Then we have other sophisticated methods which can be carried out at a slimming center or at doctor`s clinic offering obesity control services.This is called bio-electrical impedance where the total body fat is measured and the amount of visceral fat is calculated.

Having said this,we then come to methods to reduce/eliminate this visceral fat if it is in excess.This we will discuss in my next blog.