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21 Days of Covd-19 pandemic Lockdown in India- How will it help

On 26th March 2020, a 21 days Covid-19 pandemic lockdown or curfew in India was declared by the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Even as I write this article, the total no of cases of Covid-19 in India has risen to more than 1000 confirmed cases, 27 deaths and 84 have recovered-[click here to get the latest news].

The latest news on Covid-19 Pandemic

For the latest news of the status of COVID-19 in India, read this article

India’s new COVID-19 wave is spreading like ‘wildfire’, warns UN Children’s Fund, Inter Press Service, Friday, May 07, 2021 (posted by Global Issues)

This article is a sequel to my previous one which I had written on 17th March 2020.

Taking into account the seriousness of the situation worldwide, the people of India[in almost all the states] have responded very well so far. The state-wise distribution is as given here.

I have been attending my clinic regularly for all 6 days of the week for the last 3 months.

During this period, I have seen many cases – some with upper respiratory tract infection[URTI], some with lower respiratory tract infection[LRTI], and regular cases of high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

All these days, the one most question asked by my patients is-Doctor, am I suffering from the coronavirus disease?

It is very difficult to answer such questions because you need special blood tests to diagnose the Coronavirus disease. The government-run hospitals have the resources to carry out these tests and they are very costly. Recently, the government authorized a few private laboratories, like Thyrocare and Metropolis to carry such tests. The cost of the tests, as per my knowledge, is exorbitant-ranging anywhere between Rs.4500/- to 5000/-.

What are the tests for detection of Covid-19 infection?

These tests are based on the formation of antibodies to the Coronavirus in our body. Antibodies are chemicals released by our body cells to fight any disease.

The tests are called the Polymerase Chain Reaction {PCR} tests. Diagnostic kits to find out if you have these antibodies are available-in limited quantities– with a few institutions like NCL, Pune, and ICMR, Delhi.

Recently, a few private laboratories [as mentioned above] have also been authorized.

How are these tests for Covid-19 carried out?

As per the magazine The Guardian, there are two important tests that determine the presence of antibodies for the coronavirus. One test determines whether the infection is new or old. The second test is to determine the viral load.

Covid-19 patients have these viruses lodged in the nasal cavities, throat, and lungs. As in case of any cough and cold, these patients produce sputum which can be tested.

To carry out this test, a sample is taken by the lab technician by a cotton swab and tested for the presence of the viral particles[antibodies].

How can we prevent the spread of this dreaded disease?

As per the title of the article- the Indian government has imposed a total lockdown starting 26-03-2020. If everyone follows this, we all can contain as well as prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Most of the population is aware of the implication of exposure to the disease, as we all get regular updates from various sources.

Have a look at these pictures of Navi Mumbai I have taken-

Deserted roads- effects of the covid-19 pandemic 21 days lockdown in india
Empty roads-effect of the 21 days Lockdown
Deserted jogging parks in the covid-19 pandemic 21 days lockdown period
Jogging parks deserted in the 21 days lockdown

This picture on the right shows a deserted jogging park →→→

←←←This picture on the left shows a deserted road which was once having heavy traffic.

These two places which I have shown are very crowded on a normal working day. But nowadays it bears a forlorn look. This is the impact of CoVid-19.

What are we expected to do during this Covid-19 Lockdown?

Honestly speaking, we cannot do much other than a watch for newer developments regarding the impact of the CoVid-19 spread.

First and foremost-follow the advice of your respected governments-both Central and State. This way you can reduce the burden of your government which is already reeling under stress – monetarily and due to a lack of resources.

While at home-

  1. Wash hands regularly; you can also use hand sanitizer.
  2. Try not to touch objects like door handles, sidebars, etc.
  3. Gargle with warm salt water at least twice a day.
  4. Use a mask if you are having URTI or fever. Click here to know more facts of wearing a mask.
  5. Visit your doctor if you have fever, sore throat, cough, cold
  6. Get updated regularly on CoVid-19.
  7. If you are bored to death, watch these movies-

Both these movies are available on Amazon Prime Video.

You can also watch this instructional video here

These movies show us how a pandemic can destroy our lives if it is not brought under control. They also show how these calamities were predicted in 2007[I am Legend] and 2011[Contagion].

Recently, one of my friends and well-wisher sent me a link which I would like to share with you. After visiting that site, I was wondering whether this pandemic is the outcome of a manmade over-enthusiasm or a grave mistake on part of some countries.

Finally, I would like you all to visit this site and ponder over it. Maybe it will give you a clue as to why this crisis ( pandemic) has occurred-whether it is man-made or otherwise. 

(This friend of mine is a Website developer and he has designed my website.)

For more updates on the progress of COVID-19 cases in India and any other information- visit

Have you taken your Covid-19 vaccines?

Covid-19 vaccines were made available fully in India since April 2021. Vaccination has reduced the emergence of new cases. Now there is a talk about a third vaccine- a booster dose( read here about it).

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