Hi friends,

This is my first ever article-an an introduction to the world of good health. Here, I would like you to know yourself from the health point of you. So, how would you describe your health-good, average or poor?

Describing yourself from the health point of view may be the key to questions your family physician may ask you and you should be prepared for the same.

My field is Medicine and I am a General medical practitioner, and I practice at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India. I have been in this field for the last 35 years.

I hope to help you overcome any medical problems you may be facing by using my experience for all these years, through the articles I will be publishing from time to time.

Today, I would be asking you a few questions which your physician may usually ask when you meet him for the first time.

So here we go, try and answer these simple questions:-

1] How old are you?

Your age determines the line of treatment of any ailments or disease you may be having.

2]Are you having any of these medical problems?

a] High B.P.[hypertension]-This is an early sign of stress your body is going through.

b]Diabetes-Early diagnosis is key to better control in the future.

c]Thyroid disease[Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism]-Having one of these can upset your life.

d] Kidney disease[stones, kidney failure, infection]- Very common these days. It can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease.

f]Arthritis[Rheumatoid/Osteo arthritis]-Another common ailment, mostly in elderly people.

g]Miscellaneous:-like infertility etc.

h] Recent weight gain/loss- Can indicate some chronic diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, etc.

After answering these questions and having noted them down, you will be prepared for what you will hear from your physician. He may say it is good or that it may require improvement, with or without medications.

In my subsequent articles/blogs, I will be discussing in detail the diseases mentioned in the questionnaire given above. Reading these articles and applying the methods used in diagnosing these diseases will help you overcome some of the symptoms of these ailments as well as describing it to your doctor.

Your personal physician is still your best guide to health improvement. Please do not ignore his valuable advice.

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