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Hi Friends,

Today I am going to discuss a very important topic- Obesity

If you look around most of us are getting fatter or putting on weight by the day. Why is this happening?

Today’s day-to-day life revolves around eating fast-food (which has loads of calories in it) and a sedentary lifestyle (wherein we tend to sit more and walk less for eg.using vehicles for short-distance travel, sitting more in front of computers, etc.). We tend to eat less healthy food (a balanced diet) which used to keep our ancestors fit and trim.

Walking to work was the norm in those days. This new lifestyle of relative inactivity and eating junk foods adds more than necessary calories to our body which gets converted into fats surrounding different parts of our body like our abdomen (trunks),hips(buttocks),blood vessels (arteries of heart) etc.,which in turn make us look shapeless and ugly, breathless while walking, climbing stairs, developing high blood pressure and conditions like diabetes. This condition is called OBESITY.

Obesity can lead to:-

1) Hypertension (high B. P.)


3)Osteoarthritis of knees

4] Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease [NFLD]

and so on and so forth.

These illnesses can lead to expenses that cannot be foretold but at the same time are avoidable. If you click on the picture shown below, it will show you all the effects Obesity has on different parts of our body.

Obesity side-effects
Side-effects of Obesity

In my next post, I will be discussing the different parameters of obesity and the ways to tackle it.